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"Tell 'em I'm at the office!"

Terry’s Office Tavern has been the neighborhood gathering place since 1936. It began as Ryan’s Confectionery and Tavern serving the North Proctor area as a combination soda fountain and pub. The kids could have ice cream and read comic books while the adults enjoyed a cold beer. In the back, was a tiny apartment where the Ryans lived. Additional owners included The Greniers and The Carbones.


In 1962, the name was changed to The Office Tavern; the ice cream went out and a menu of burgers, chicken and pizza came in. A "Young Chicken Dinner" advertised for 25 cents; purchasers were then surprised to receive a hard boiled egg.


Terry and Carol Johnson purchased the tavern during the 70s and added his name to the original. In 1983, they sold to Ron and Donna Graham who brought in their signature secret recipes that are still served today. Mike And Lori Graham have owned the tavern since 1996, updating the popular menu of fresh homemade recipes. The last several years have seen many much needed repairs and upgrades.

New owners, Jeff and Helen Fraychinaud purchased the business in 2018 and look forward to the next chapter in the Terry's Office Tavern history.

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